About the BTTU

The Balkan Table Tennis Games are created on the initiative of Ali ABALI (TUR), Borivoje POPOVIĆ (YUG) and the Greek Table Tennis Association and after coordination with the other Balkan Associations of Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey and Yugoslavia and in an agreement concluded during the session of the Initiative Balkan Congress organized in Athens on 13-14 July 1963.

The participated Associations agreed on one first document that calls “STATUTES OF BALKAN TABLE TENNIS GAMES”. On the base of this document the Balkan Coutries organized a total of 28 Men and Women’s competitions plus 8 Junior and Cadet Competitions.

During the 25th Balkan Table Tennis Congress that was held in SAKARYA (TURKEY) on the 4.10.1991 the participant countries decided to prepare a union, which called “BALKAN TABLE TENNIS UNION”.

During the 28th Balkan Table Tennis Congress, this was held in PLOVDIV (BULGARIA) on the 8/10/2001 the participant countries, decided to prepare a constitution and technical rules of the Balkan Table Tennis Union.